Welcome to the Cambridge Dive Team's web site. The team (affiliated to the ASA) is part of the Cambridge Diving Development Centre, run by our professional coaches Sam Buck () and Lottie Thompson (), assisted by our club adminstrator Helen Preston (). It caters for people of all ages and abilities. Training sessions run throughout the week, with some at the weekend.

For information on joining the club and any other query, please contact the coaches at Parkside Pools on 01223 446139 or by email. Emails will be answered most promptly if they are initially sent to the correct person:

This website is maintained by Richard Bowers.

Please note - All photographs are used with permission - If you have any problems with the content of the site please do not hesitate to email Richard at .

We are still looking for a volunteer in the club to help run the web site. A genuine interest in web technologies would be at least as encouraging as existing experience with web development. Any volunteer can start with the simpler presentation level technologies (HTML, CSS, JSP) and can pick up more complicated browser side skills (Javascript) and the back end server code (Java, Struts2, MySQL). You would also get experience of using a source control system (Subversion) and if desired some basic Linux system administration. Good prose writing skills are a must.

Longer term, there is scope to take over the web site completely and take it in any direction you wish.

If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch with me at .

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We have recently received a grant from the Cash 4 Clubs scheme. More information about this scheme to help community sports clubs can be found on their web site.