Current Dive Team Training Fees

Squad Monthly Fee
National A £72.00
National B £68.00
Development £52.00
TID £42.00
Senior Novice £42.00
Junior Novice 1 £42.00
Junior Novice 2 £42.00
Aquabats £28.00
Teens £28.00
LTD Teens £26.00
Masters 1 £26.50
Masters 2 £33.00
Masters 3 £40.00


  1. In the table above, club squad fees have a green background and Learn to Dive fees have a yellow background.
  2. For our purposes, a student is a full time student member of Cambridge University or Anglia Ruskin University.
  3. The annual membership fee is included in the training fee.
  4. For families with three or more divers there is a 5% discount (rounded to the nearest pound).