About The Team

The Cambridge Diving Development Centre caters for all springboard and highboard diving in Cambridge. All the Learn to Dive Programmes are run by the Centre, whilst the competitive side of the Centre is known as the Cambridge Dive Team. The Centre brings the opportunity for many youngsters (and not-so-youngsters!) to fling themselves off high structures into a pit of water.

Sounds like fun eh?! You should try it; there really isn't a feeling like it! And there really isn't a feeling like realising that you're still in one piece as you land!

The Dive Centre is run by a group of very hard-working volunteers, who all have full-time jobs to keep at the same time. The team caters for people of all abilities (all we ask is that you are a strong swimmer) and all ages.

We are one of the leading diving clubs in the Midland District. We compete at all levels from novice to national level, and at all ages including masters. With the excellent diving facilities at Parkside Pools we have a rapidly expanding diving club.

The facilities the dive team use are at Cambridge Parkside Pools and Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre.

Training Times

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Who are we?

The coaches that will teach you or your children can be seen here. The committee members can be found here.

Where We Dive

Cambridge Parkside Pools is situated just off Parkers Piece, in the city of Cambridge. Diving in Cambridge really took off in 1963 when the original Parkside Pool opened with "proper" diving facilities. A diving section within the Granta Swimming Club was formed, later to become the City of Cambridge Swimming Club in 1986.

Since the refurbishment in 1999, Parkside's diving facilities have improved enormously, the team are enjoying increased water time and are expanding rapidly. There is a specially designed diving pit, which has an adjustable depth so it can be used for other events.

There are two 1m springboards, a 3m springboard (by Duraflex), a 3m platform and a 5m platform. Click here to see pictures of the facilities. There is also a bubble machine under each board, which helps in training sessions. As the diver executes a new or complex dive, air is released from the bottom of the pool, rising to the surface as large bubbles that break the water and cushion the landing. A small constant stream of bubbles can also be used to break the surface resulting in increased visibility of the water whilst spinning through the air.

The centre also has a time delay replay system installed on poolside. This allows divers to view their dives immediately after executing them. Sessions can also be recorded from this machine for review at a later date (subject to diver/parental approval).

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