Cambridge Dive Team has a committed team of qualified coaches and poolside helpers. Meet them below!

Alice Clark

Diving Development Officer


Daniel Murphy

Professional Coach

I have been involved with Cambridge dive team since 2007 and was first introduced into the sport through the TID testing programme. Since that time, I have dived competitively at a national level up until 2017 after which I persued a career in coaching. My first experience of coaching was when I was fourteen as a poolside helper and I also completed a sports leadership programme at secondary school. Since then I've inished both my level one and level two coaching courses, starting my career as a Learn to Dive coach before taking a more active role within the club as a squad coach.


Eve Coomber


During the day I work as a genetic research scientist for the Wellcome Trust but am also a qualified level 2 diving coach and started coaching in 2014. I took up diving at the age of nine, having started a gymnastics career from four years old, and soon progressed to squad level with Highgate Diving Club. I love the diving community as everyone is so friendly and competitions relaxed. I trained at Bagiu Diving Club during my A levels before moving to university, where I ran the University of Nottingham Diving Club for several years and also started trampolining. I enjoy coaching in my spare time because I like seeing the look of achievement when divers learn new skills or overcome their fears and I want to help others enjoy the sport as much as I do. I currently train in the CDT Masters team and compete twice a year. I am always impressed to see divers in the 80+ category at competitions and I hope to still be diving when I am that age! You are never too old to learn so I would encourage any keen adults to come give diving a go.


Sharyn Bord

Coach & Club President

I retired from competitive diving to become volunteer Head Coach of the diving section of the City of Cambridge Swimming Club. When the new Parkside Pools opened with dedicated diving facilities I raised funds to initiate a professional programme, and in 2004 founded the Cambridge Dive Team with its first full time paid head coach, James Etherington. I steered the club through its first ten years as administrator and treasurer before taking on the president's role. I am a judge, referee, county diving secretary and a member of the East Region Technical Diving committee. Although I now spend less time at the pool I love watching divers' progress and have even managed to persuade my grandson to start diving!


Seb Jaunzens


I have been part of Cambridge Dive Team for over ten years, joining the club at nine years old. My career started out as an age group diver then moving on to compete at national elites before retiring from competitive diving to peruse a degree in architecture at university. I saw from my own experience of diving how the coach makes a big impact on both the enjoyment and development of a diver and completed his coaching courses while diving. I have been a qualified coach at Cambridge for over five years and step in to coach both LTD and squad sessions.


Autumn Cowell

Assistant Coach


Elora Graham

Assistant Coach

I have been diving for eight years as part of Cambridge Dive Team and have progressed from Learn To Dive to the National squads. I worked my way up from just half an hour a week to competing nationally and training around six times a week. Having followed the training flight path, diving has become an integral part of my life, which I have benefited from hugely. I recently qualified as a level one coach and I am thrilled to be able to instil my passion for diving within our prospective divers!


Mikey King

Assistant Coach

I started diving with the club in 2016 and really enjoyed it; so much so that I decided to train to become a coach. I've now been coaching for just under a year and am loving every moment. It's thrilling to be able to take divers all the way from a simple straight jump all the way to some really cool dives.


Zena Langford

Assistant Coach

I have been diving with Cambridge Dive Team for over seven years and have competed as part of the GB diving federation. I started coaching in 2015 after achieving my level one qualification and hope to progress towards my level two to develop my skills further. Outside of my diving commitments I spend as much time as I can working with horses and trying to stay on!

Florence Simmons

Assistant Coach

I joined the club over ten years ago and have been unable to take myself away from the sport ever since. I used to compete nationally for Cambridge Dive Team but have now moved onto solely coaching. As well as my qualification in diving coaching, I have been qualified to teach gymnastics for three years and found the two marry quite nicely. My aim is to try and make sure the divers enjoy the sport as much as I do.

Emma Watson

Assistant Coach


Lucy Watson

Assistant Coach

I started my diving career at the age of six and competed for the club at county, regional and national events. In mid 2017 I received my level one coaching qualification having been a poolside helper with the club for some time. Being a coach has allowed me to continue my passion for the sport and I have found it rewarding to watch the divers progress.


Harry Norman

Assistant Coach

I have been diving with Cambridge Dive Team for five years now and have been coaching for two years. I started diving after seeing it at the Olympics and thought I’d love to give it a go too. Three years later, I'm now a level one diving coach and looking forward to becoming a level two coach. I have loved every moment of coaching and hope to continue in the near future.