The 2020/21 Committee

Cambridge Dive Team is supported by dedicated committee members, elected into posts at the annual general meeting held each year. They work in their spare time to help the club run smoothly and make CDT a successful diving centre.

Complete details of the committee roles are set out in our full committee roles guide (PDF).

Club President

The president is to be a figurehead and liaise between DDOs, Committee, Pool Management, East Region ASA and Cambs ASA and City Council.

Sharyn Bord

Sharyn retired from competitive diving to become volunteer Head Coach of the diving section of the City of Cambridge Swimming Club. When the new Parkside Pools opened with dedicated diving facilities Sharyn raised funds to initiate a professional programme, and in 2004 founded the Cambridge Dive Team with its first full time paid Head Coach, James Etherington. Sharyn steered the Club through its first ten years as Administrator and Treasurer before taking on the President's role. She is a judge, referee, County diving secretary and a member of the East Region Technical Diving Committee. As President she aims to use her experience to provide leadership and offer advice on club, county and regional issues, to represent the club and to provide support to coaches and other club officers.

Away from the pool and paperwork Sharyn enjoys walking, the fresh air of skiing and the peace and calm of scuba diving and also likes to pretend to be fit (unfortunately not true! - Sharyn). She has been involved in diving for a very long time.


The chair is responsible for the overall running of the club. The role involves managing meetings and any disputes as well as making sure the club is secure financially and complies with legal requirements about how it is run.

Allan Jaunzens

Allan is a keen squash player and has recently completed his first half marathon. He has been part of CDT for over ten years as both his sons have been enrolled in the Dive Team programme. His dream is to go on an "around the world trip" someday.


The secretary is responsible for club correspondence, taking and recording minutes of Club meetings and providing notification to members of the AGM. Most of the communication with the wider membership is done by the Administrator.

Gemma Gordon

After her two children started diving in 2016, Gemma became more involved with CDT and joined the committee as secretary in 2019. As secretary, she is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of communications between members: handling club correspondence, organising committee meetings, taking minutes and ensuring actions are followed up in a timely manner.

Gemma loves rock climbing and hiking all over the world, but as an avid motorcyclist she loves nothing more than heading out for a long ride on her Triumph Street Triple.

Treasurer & Senior Administrator

The treasurer is responsible for the financial accounting and transactions of the Dive Team and Learn to Dive. He or she must also prepare budget reports and for audits.

The Club Administrator is a paid position appointed by the club and the role has no voting rights.

Rosie Davies

Membership Officer & Administrator

Nuala Macallister

Welfare Officer

The welfare officer is responsible for safeguarding child welfare. They have control of DBS checks for coaches, teachers and parents.

Caroline Murphy

Caroline has had a connection with CDT for over a decade, having had family members participate in both LDT and squad teams, becoming a friendly face to all. She now plays a key role within the club committee acting as our Welfare Officer: one of the core roles. Her background in teaching has enabled her to support and educate the club in various ways, allowing CDT to be a safe and fun environment. Caroline loves anything to do with chocolate & knows how to drive a tank!

Championship / Competitions Officer

The championship officer's role is to organise the club's annual competition calendar with the head coaches as well as ensuring correct personnel are available for chaperoned trips. They also organise officials, medals and trophies for club events.

David Bord

Swimmark and Disability Officer

The disability officer's role is to make diving more accessible and safe to disabled children and adults.

SwimMark is Swim England's accreditation system which ensures that approved clubs are well run and comply with the up to date guidelines, good governance and the latest legislation. The SwimMark officer's role, very broadly, is to organise and oversee the audit and action planning of the SwimMark process within the club.

Kevin Wray

Kevin has been involved in sport from a young age and has experience ranging from running facilities to sports development. He has also undertaken a variety of roles with different clubs including coach, secretary, treasurer and now is the disability officer for CDT, supporting both the club and individuals to be able to benefit and enjoy diving. Kevin is a regional qualified diving judge and also assists Andrew with Dive Recorder at internal events. He represented Kenya in the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games!

Divers' Representative

The divers' representative communicates the views of the club divers to the committee.

Malaika Graham

Masters Representative

Present the masters divers' views at committee meetings, whose needs are often different to those of the younger divers. The masters training squads within CDT are for members over the age of sixteen who want to learn how to dive and compete as national masters events.

Eve Coomber

Executive Members

There are additional positions on the committee required for good governance of the dive centre but without a specific officers position. Those roles are currently filled by these volunteers.

Non-Executive Members

Non-executive members assist in the general running of the Club, supporting in all different areas as of when and needed and representing the views of divers and parents to the committee. They do not need to attend committee meetings but are more than welcome to do so.

Social & Fundraising Officers


The social and fundraising officer's role is to organise and advertise social events to the club's membership. They also look into ways of fund raising for the club; e.g through sponsorship and club events.

Rosie Burnell and Yvonne Grainger

Rosie has joined forces with Yvonne to take on the social and fundraising committee role. Together they are responsible for fundraising to enable the club to fund events for the kids such as camps and chaperoned trips. They are also keen to organise fun events for the kids and perhaps adults too!

Rosie runs a business called Marble that designs and engineers random interesting things. She has designed a concept car, a cutlery set, a clock with a huge dragon on top and an automatic garage door opener amongst other things...

Originally from the North East of England Yvonne settled in Cambridge eighteen years ago. Her time is now spent bringing up two energetic girls and teaching teenagers how to explore their creativity through art.

If you have any suggestions Rosie and Yvonne are always keen to hear them.

Public Relations Officer

The public relations officer organises ways of promoting the profile of the Club. This, for example, is done through creating media reports for local news reporters, with recent developments in creating a new club banner for poolside. They also liaise with the club coaches to keep the Club's pool noticeboard up to date with news and events.

Sebastian Jaunzens

Seb has been part of Cambridge Dive Team for over ten years, joining as a young diver competing at national and international events for the club. He was the divers' rep for the committee for two years and is also a qualified level two coach in diving, often coaching LDT and squad sessions. Seb takes on the role of PR Officer whilst studying for his degree in architecture. He loves anything to do with pasta so student life suits him well.

Web Site Officer

The web site officer's role is to set up and maintain the club web site. They control notices placed on the site and update content as received from the committee members.

Jon Halls

Jon's children Jack and Daisy are both CDT divers. With experience of managing web sites, Jon has taken on the role of web site officer. He aims to work with CDT members in relation to the new web site, focusing on usability, visual appeal and user experience.

Before university, Jon worked as a chauffeur on the punts in Cambridge. In the hundreds of tours that he gave, he is rumoured to have occasionally told customers an accurate historical fact!

Club Kit Officer

The club kit officer organises, publicises, sells and orders club kit. They also oversee the maintenance of stock levels and manage the kit budget. Any orders of kit should be placed directly through the online Club shop.

Karen Halls

Karen is responsible for the club's kit design, stock levels and placing orders, making sure that all our CDT members are able to proudly represent their club. With two children currently enrolled in the club she understands the importance of the sense of community created through club kit.

Karen has been involved in the club for the last two and half years and enjoys painting and circuit training in her spare time. You can usually tell if she is around by her distinctive loud laugh!

DiveRecorder Officer

The DiveRecorder officer takes the lead responsibility of setting up the DiveRecorder software for competition scoring and recording system for club and county dive competitions.

Andrew Graham

Andrew's greatest claim to fame is his appearance on "Blockbusters" in 1982 and his favourite film is Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's "A Matter Of Life And Death" (1946).


For some of the positions, the committee officer is supported by a subcommittee who help with tasks required. These members do not need to attend the monthly committee meetings but are encouraged to meet with the lead committee member when appropriate.

Public Relations

Lead by: Seb Jaunzens

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