This page provides answers to most of the questions that I can foresee about using the web site.

This page covers signing up as a member and logging in. There is an equivalent page for functions specific to signed in users, which you can view when you log in.

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch at .

How do I sign up?

Go to the sign up page and provide the details it asks for. If you are interested only in school holiday camps, please use this page instead.

In both cases, we only want to send emails to addresses proven to be working. What will happen is the system will send an email back to the address you provided with a link that you need to click on (or paste into your web browser) that will tell the system that the email is active.

If you are signing up as a regular club member, you will then receive a second message telling you that your request has been queued for approval (hence the box on the sign up page asking for your connection with the club). One of the head coaches of the club will check that you are known to us, and they will then approve your request. You will receive a welcome email at this point, and you can then sign in to the web site and view the private areas. You will also start receiving emails with news and notifications.

(Note that the paragraph above does not apply to holiday camp sign ups.)

I've forgotten my password

Go to this page and enter any of your validated email addresses. Your password will be reset to random characters and emailed to all your validated addresses. When you receive the email, log in and go to the "edit details" page to change it to something more memorable.

I've forgotten my email address (or which ones I've registered)

Mail .

The sign up process is somewhat convoluted. What are you thinking?

There are two things we are trying to achieve with this process. The first is not to send emails to addresses we don't know are valid. This saves having to deal with bouncing messages and prevents some poor unfortunate that may own the mistyped address receiving endless notifications. The second is that there has been a demand for pictures and videos of divers in training and competition. We try to follow the guidelines set down by the ASA on the content of pictures, but these can be pretty restrictive. By providing a members only area and double-checking the people signing up, we feel we can publish the content our divers would like to see without having to worry about random members of the public seeing our divers in their swimming costumes.

I want to edit my details or delete my account, but I can't find the "Edit Details" link.

You need to log in first, then the option will be available to you. The "Edit Details" link replaces the "Log in" link in the top right of the navigation bar once you have logged in. (The navigation bar, for clarity, is the dark blue block with the links that appears on every page beneath the logos.)