Welcome to Cambridge Learn To Dive!

The Cambridge Learn To Dive programme is a fun, exciting scheme run by the Cambridge Dive Club. We cater for all ages and abilities, both children and adults, so everyone can find something to suit them.

For information on our learn to dive sessions for children or adults, please send your query in an email to .

There is more information in our Learn to Dive Information Pack (this is a PDF document).

Childrens' Learn To Dive

For children 5 to 14 years old

We run half-hourly sessions at Parkside Pools on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the following times:

The Learn to Dive Programme sessions follow a clearly defined structure in line with British Diving directives and is the feeder programme for the Cambridge Dive Team. It is a great way for children to improve balance, coordination and confidence in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.

There are one levels on the Learn to Dive Programme, with specific key skills in each level. All divers will start at level one, learning basic body control, introducing shapes into jumps off the poolside, as well as forward and backward rolls into the water. Working through the levels, divers progress to hand first entries and jumps off the 1m and 3m springboards, as well as the 5m platform. By level one divers will be performing forward and backward dives off the springboards.

Our coaching scheme follows a twelve week cycle. Skill assessments are continual and we also hold formal assessments, which take place during week eight of each coaching cycle. The formal assessments are a measure to ensure that your child is placed in the best group in order to achieve their full potential and of course to have some fun along the journey. Divers are not expected to pass a level after each and every coaching cycle, we sometimes move children both up and down through the levels if they are struggling or excelling in one particular element of the diving programme.

All Learn to Dive members are able to view their progress in the Learn to Dive programme online. This allows both divers and parents to see exactly where they are in the programme. When a skill is successfully achieved, the skill will turn green and the date that the skill has been passed will be shown. Comments from coaches are also written at the beginning of each new term (every twelve / thirteen weeks) which aim to provide each individual child, focused help and guidance, so that they understand what they could try to do to improve and they also take a moment to praise them for great performance.

Upon completion of level six of the Learn to Dive Programme the diver will progress to competitive diving with the Cambridge Dive Team, working on more complex skills.

Please note that a diver may only participate in Learn to Dive level one for a maximum of two terms. The idea behind this is it highlights that the participant is struggling with the basic fundamentals of diving. Without achieving competence and understanding of these basic skills, future progression and development is limited.

Confidence, age, co-ordination, physicality and mental maturity are all characteristics that will affect whether a child has the ability to achieve the level one skills.

Bravery is a big part of diving and we work closely with our divers to build the confidence and commitment they need to succeed in the Learn to Dive program. Please rest assured that we will never ask a diver to attempt a skill that is outside of their capabilities or is unsafe. All lessons are coached by fully ASA qualified coaches.

To book a taster please email your child's name, date of birth and a contact number to .

Adult Learn To Dive

You are never too old to start!

These are fun, relaxed sessions that run on Monday and Thursday nights between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. You will have the opportunity to try out the different boards, learn new skills, improve you diving with our qualified coaches and meet friendly new people!

The costs are:

We also offer a 50% discounted student rate for Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin University student members.

We would like to encourage the keen amongst you to sign up as club members where possible.

All Adult Learn to Dive enquires should be sent in an email to .