County Novices 2018

Parkside Pools, Cambridge

19th February 2018

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There was a stellar performance from 9 year-old Greta Creasy as Cambridge Dive Team swept the board in all events at the Cambridgeshire County Skills Diving Championships. The divers are judged on their skill and technique when performing twelve dives across poolside and the 1 and 3 metre springboards. Diving in group E for under 10s, Greta amassed an impressive 272.30 points giving her a ten point lead over silver medallist Zia Gordon. A fight for the bronze gave Rufus Bord the edge over Tobi Fayomi by less than a point. All divers scored 7s and 8s on some of their dives in this very high standard event and qualified for the National Skills event in the summer.

Rhiannon Monie was triumphant in the Group D event for 10 and 11 years with a sparkling 257.25 points. Excellent line-ups from 3 metre pushed Daisy Chapman to the silver medal with 243.10 edging out Max Burnell (233.35) who took bronze ahead of Molly McGregor and Daniel Lock.

In the biggest event of the day it was Marisa Cowling who took the crown in the 12-13 year event. After seven dives she trailed Grace Hodge but a magnificent back dive pushed her into the lead that she maintained to the end to finish with 269.55. There was an even tighter battle for the silver and bronze medals with Grace (265.30) just edging out Jonah Tomsett (264.00).

The final event for over 14 years who perform four dives from 1 metre and four dives from 3 metre was also a very high standard. An excellent inward 1½ somersaults followed by a high scoring reverse dive gave Autumn Cowell the title with 213.30 points. Stella Monks showed her continued improvement to take the silver with 189.15 whilst Imogen Cowell took a well-deserved bronze medal.

Linda Davidson, President of the County Swimming Association, presented the trophies and medals.

Novices Group E (1m first)
1 Greta Creasy Cambridge Dive Team 272.30
2 Zia Gordon Cambridge Dive Team 262.05
3 Rufus Bord Cambridge Dive Team 243.00
4 Tobi Fayomi Cambridge Dive team 242.05
Novices Group B (1m first)
1 Autumn Cowell Cambridge Dive Team 213.50
2 Stella Monks Cambridge Dive Team 189.15
3 Imogen Cowell Cambridge Dive Team 178.55
Novices Group D
1 Rhiannon Monie Cambridge Dive Team 257.25
2 Daisy Chapman Cambridge Dive Team 243.10
3 Max Burnell Cambridge Dive Team 233.35
4 Molly McGregor Cambridge Dive Team 229.20
5 Daniel Lock Cambridge Dive Team 226.40
Novices Group C
1 Marisa Cowling Cambridge Dive Team 269.55
2 Grace Hodge Cambridge Dive team 265.30
3 Jonah Tomsett Cambridge Dive Team 264.00
4 Daniel Millard Cambridge Dive Team 258.80
5 Siena Kelly Cambridge Dive team 251.50
6 Charlotte Mann Cambridge Dive team 247.20
7 Honor Creasy Cambridge Dive team 243.05

Posted 28/02/2018