National Skills Finals 2018

On July 21st the Cambridge divers headed to the Manchester Aquatics Centre for this year's National Skills Finals. For many of the team of fifteen this was their first National event in the 2002 Commonwealth Pool.

The weekend started off with the Group D1 boys. Max Burnell and Daniel Lock both showed their impressive entries and jumps, managing to score sevens in multiple dives! Next was the Group D2 girls in which Cambridge had four divers. New competitors Daisy Halls and Carrie Ma showed confidence in their skills and remained consistent throughout the competition, achieving great marks on the 1m. Molly McGregor also showed off on 1m, getting sevens on three out of four dives. Rhiannon Monie lead the pack, starting the competition with eights on poolside. She then went on to score sevens on 1m and 3m, ending with a fantastic score of 274.20. Last up was Grace Hodge in the girls C2 event. Grace showed off her fantastic disappearing entry and scored sevens and eights on the 3m.

Sunday started off with the youngest of the competitors, the group E event. The 8 and 9-year olds showed great promise, remaining focused in such a tough event. Caleb Whitear showed off his fantastic flexibility. In the girl's event Zia Gordon and Amelia Aldridge demonstrated some great splashless entries on the 3m, to earn themselves some sevens.

Next up was the Girls D1, in which both Georgia Wigley and Millie-Mai Channell impressed judges from the 3m. Both girls scored high scores, demonstrating good technique and form.

In the Girls C1 event, Marisa Cowling and Siena Kelly managed to get some high scores on poolside, showing off their strong jumps and great shapes. Marisa managed to score an impressive 275.80, a great display from the birthday girl! Daniel Millard was last up and started the competition excellently. Scoring sevens and eights on all of his 3m skills, he managed to score 106.50 off just four dives: an incredible score!

The divers showed great determination and remained positive and focused throughout the long competitions. The coaches are looking forward to seeing how they develop following this meet.

Posted 29/08/2018.